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Again, this is only for clients from whom I'm expecting a deposit. If we've never spoken, in no way does this guarantee you a spot.

Here are the rules:

1. Deposit is non-refundable, non-transferable. This is to ensure that I can put 100% into every project and not worry about getting burned. Please make sure you give me all specifics beforehand, if you change your mind after I've put hours into the drawing, I will need a new deposit. Little tweaks and changes, within reason, are generally fine though.

2. Please give 48 hour notice to reschedule appointment times. Working by appointment, a late cancellation means a lost day of work, and that's no fun. Also, please keep rescheduling to a minimum... there is a long wait to get new appointment times, any my general rule of thumb is that if more dates have been rescheduled than honored, I may need a new deposit. I just like to be up front about the way I do things, but I also stay very well organized, and will always be ready for you when our dates come.

3. I keep all rights to the artwork until your tattoo is finished. The deposit is just a guarantee that you are serious about getting the tattoo, and is applied to the price of the last sitting.

That's it, sorry for all the rules, but they are the only way I've found to keep things sane on my end. Thanks for the business as always.
(To send the deposit securely through paypal click the blue $200 at the bottom of this column.)

Deposits for out-of-towners
Deposits for out-of-towners