chris walkin. lake charles louisiana tattoo
I work from Iron Cypress tattoo in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We work by appointment, and the wait to get tattooed is generally 2-4 months. I typically schedule all sessions we'll need from the beginning, though, so for multi-session work we can schedule our sessions as close as a week apart.
Our shop is in the Central Point building, it's the door all the way on the left and upstairs. Our website,, has a map and directions if you are not familiar with the spot. Feel free to stop by anytime to check things out and see the hardcopy portfolios, but please remember we are usually working during open hours so the best way to get things started on a new project is to email me here.

To set up a consultation time, please email me at , just leave a quick description of what you're looking to have done and a contact number... and please be patient. I'll be taking on new projects in waves from now on, so I can start answering new emails as soon as the schedule gets to where I can fit you in a consultation time within a few weeks. I've started doing this to make sure that I don't overbook myself and nothing gets rushed or needs to be rescheduled once we have everything rolling. For general questions or if you have an ongoing project, you can call the shop at (337)564-6600... but again if you want to start scheduling a new project, emailing me your request is the only way I've found to keep everything in order.

For the consult, we'll only need about 30 minutes to an hour, so we can get you fitted and get some sketches done to make sure we are on the same page visually. Feel free to email me reference here or bring hardcopies with you, along with any specifics you have in mind. Be aware there is a non-refundable cash deposit at the end of the consult to set up the tattoo appointments, so please have a sound idea of what you're looking to accomplish before setting things up. I put alot of time into drawing and preparing every project i take on, so i really appreciate folks who are reliable and finish what they start. If you have any general questions, still feel free to email me or call the shop anytime.

See you in the shop, thanks for everything folks.