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Tattoo deposit
Tattoo deposit

Thanks for scheduling for your tattoo!! Here are the rules for the dates to make sure you keep your deposit!
1. Please give 48 hour notice to reschedule an appointment. Last minute cancellations mean a lost day of work for me and that's no fun.
2. Please keep rescheduling or cancellations to a minimum. If we end up missing more appointments than we make, this will also cancel the deposit.
3. Don't change your mind. Please give me all your specifics during the consultation and before leaving the deposit. I just really need to know what we're doing to make sure I can make that into an awesome tattoo.
4. Deposits are never refundable or transferable to another person or project. That would defeat the whole purpose of a deposit.
*sorry for all the rules, tattooing is a wierd business and this has been the only way i have found to make the best work i can offer while still being able to make a living.

Thanks again for everything, click the blue $ below to leave your deposit through Paypal, and see you soon for your tattoo appointment!!