• Chris Walkin
  • chris@chriswalkin.com
  • Iron Cypress
    929 E. McNeese St. #B
    Lake Charles, La 70607

    shop: (337)564-6600

    *2023* Thank you very much for looking at my work. I am afraid that with the amount of incoming work, I have to answer emails in waves, so my initial response may be a few weeks. I sincerely apologize for this, I'm trying to find a better way, but it is just me in the shop and I have to prioritize putting the proper time into the work already scheduled. I promise I'm trying my best... currently scheduling for the end of 2023.

    If all that sounds ok, and you are looking to set things up for a new project, please email me the following:

    1. A quick description of what you're looking to have done. For example, body part and subject matter... doesn't need to be super specific but feel free to elaborate or send attachments if you like.
    2. In case there is a coverup involved, please send a good photo of what we'd be covering up or working around. This helps alot in letting you know if the coverup can work before making you wait for a consultation date. (My email is above in blue if you'd like to send attachments)
    3. A good contact phone to reach you. As soon as I catch up to your email I'll give you a call, I can answer any questions you might have and we can set the consultation date.
    *Consultation generally takes around an hour or so, we can get the fit and sizing right, and a rough sketch to make sure we are in agreement for the direction of the design. If that all looks right, we set the deposit and write down the tattoo dates we will need.

    Trying to focus on largescale and style-driven work these days, so please do not take it personally if I cannot take on your project. I really hate having to make people wait so long, and having to let some folks down and not take on their ideas, but the scheduled sessions and drawings take a whole lot of time, and there are limited spots available. Please call the shop anytime if you have any questions (I'm there almost every day), and I do truly thank you guys for all the work, and for looking at my website. Cheers,