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  • Iron Cypress
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    shop: (337)564-6600

    *8-1-2011* currently there is about a 8-10 month wait to get tattooed. I promise I'm doing all I can to keep up, but there is far more work than i can handle these days, and I just want to make sure I can focus properly on the projects i already have on the books. I do apologize for this, please feel free to email me with info or questions, just please be patient... it might be beginning of the year before I can call to schedule anything new. Thanks very much for everything!

    If you are interested in getting some work, please send me an email with a quick explanation of what you are looking to have done (photos are always helpful with coverups). If you are sending attachments/photos, my email address is above in blue, otherwise feel free to use the message board below, but it does not allow for photo attachments. As soon as I catch up to your email, I'll give you a call so we can schedule the consultation time to go over everything together and get a sketch done, and we can set the appointment date(s) from there. Please understand that there is always a little bit of a wait to book appointments, I make most of my calls on Mondays as I tattoo draw and consult non-stop the rest of the workweek, but I promise I will get things rolling as quickly as I can, thank you for your patience and interest in my work!